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Look towards Halabja dialect is backed by a letter
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Look towards Halabja dialect is backed by a letter
Look towards Halabja dialect is backed by a letter

c) This new east Jewish languages express multiple possess: greatest fret (1), changes out-of [Theta] to 1 (4), reinterpretation of verb class given that figure (5), and you may reflexive pronouns according to nos- (17). Talking about areal has and this duration the essential split anywhere between Halabja to your one hand and Koy Sanjaq and you can Azerbaijan towards the almost every other. This isn't clear in which dialect each develop, however they are almost certainly lent from one towards the someone else rather than handed down in accordance.

Such around three major clusters from isoglosses represent just a tiny area of the proof which is taken to incur into the taxonomy of your NENA dialects. Hoberman (1988, 573), playing with proof from pronouns, demonstrates the presence of a north Iraqi dialect classification (here depicted of the Zakho, Tisqopa, and Aradhin) which can't be thought according to the minimal study shown right here. What is needed now's both fuller meanings of one's languages already reported, so more widespread and you may identifying properties can be found, and get field work to help you list many dialects which happen to be towards the verge away from extinction.

step one Thank you so much are caused by individuals who provided research and you will pointers, instance Gene Gragg, Robert Hoberman, and you can Jo Rubba. E.H. june stipend.

Such as for instance, f and you may g was indeed chose inside the terms and conditions like etrog 'citron' and you will sefer 'scroll of your own law', where about handed down Aramaic vocabulary f might have end up being p and you will g might have vanished

step three Garbell (1964, 100-103) says that the sound system away from Jewish Azerbaiaic of Kurdish. The girl first evidence for this 's the enunciation out-of Hebrew loan-conditions contained in this dialect. Hebrew loanwords when you look at the Jewish Azerbaijani retain some songs that happen to be removed or matched with individuals throughout the popular Neo-Aramaic vocabulary. Garbell claims that these retentions show why these Hebrew terms and conditions have been lent to begin with in Kurdish, and therefore a small grouping of Kurdish audio system after shifted to Neo-Aramaic. It seems likely to be that Hebrew factors regarding dialect don't take part in the fresh voice changes in matter because of new special religious sign in that it fall in. They may even have altered right after which come recovered on the base of your old-fashioned pronunciation of nearby organizations.

4 A raised + reveals that next keyword try obvious on the suprasegmental ability 'emphasis' that's discover to some degree throughout NENA languages. Phonetically, stress is actually complex, but the top part is velarization, and is also often as a result of the clear presence of the fresh emphatic consonants t and s.

7 In the dialect regarding Tyari [Theta] commonly becomes s. So it dialect, that was spoken ahead of 1915 during the a city out-of Hakkari, is not chatted about here as product in it try insufficient.

8 That isn't obvious whether this type is obtainable in the new Halabja dialect. My informants after that realized they, however, told you it absolutely was alot more trait of the nearby city of Suleimaniya. Regardless, it is unfamiliar on dialect of one's Jews from Sanandaj.

nine Robert Hoberman indicates for me your NENA versions could possibly get now have came from a keen unattested metathesized e[Theta]strip ezdi.

Boyarin, Daniel. 1981. Into the Bono Homini Donum: Essays inside Historical Linguistics from inside the Recollections out-of J. Alexander Kerns, ed. Yoel L. Arbeitman and you may Allan R. Bomhard. Amsterdam Knowledge on Principle and Reputation for Linguistic Research, series IV. Latest Products in the Linguistic Concept 16. Region II, 613-forty two. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

An inquiry into Development of one's Middle Aramaic Languages

Garbell, Irene. 1964. Apartment Terms and Syllables in the Jewish East The brand new Aramaic regarding Persian Azerbaijan and the Continguous Districts (A problem of Multilingualism). In the Studies into the Egyptology and you will Linguistics honoring H. J. Polotsky, ed. H. B. Rosen, 86-103. Jerusalem: Israel Exploration People.

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