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Q. Were your a dynamic new member in those courses?
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Q. Were your a dynamic new member in those courses?
Q. Were your a dynamic new member in those courses?

I must meet the requirements that statement and point out that We have went to some classes that looked after deregulation, both in county and you will from condition. A. Zero. Q. You were more of a spectator otherwise -- An effective. Sure. For a moment note, I know that all you are sure that and I know all to you were enjoy, even though your took part -- such as for instance, SCEG acceptance all of the opted for officials regarding portion that they served from the condition to the various dining conferences where it chatted about energy, electronic deregulation. I've attended at the least a-work -- one workshop that we normally remember one to taken care of fuel deregulation inside Detroit, Michigan, as an element of various other meeting one cared for financial creativity since related to condition authorities.

Maybe you have got an economic relationship with or have you ever got dialogue from another economic experience of a good lobbyist otherwise an effective lobbyist's dominant?

Q. Thank you so much. An excellent. Delight restate issue. Q. I'm prepared to. Good. Because identifies resources or issues that individuals Service Percentage controls otherwise because it refers to things? Q. You may answer one another means with the -- A. Whilst means items that the public Service Payment manages, no. As it describes in general, We have offered once the couch of your own Societal Policy Committee away from the latest Sc Counselors' Association.

Perhaps you have got a monetary relationship with otherwise maybe you have got talk out-of a future monetary experience of a good lobbyist or an excellent lobbyist's dominant?

We have been an effective lobbyist's prominent. I have -- i have a held lobbyist. Up to this year, I have already been anyone throughout the organization who the newest lobbyist yourself reported to, when we taken care of it. I currently have always been the general public policy couch of one's American -- of one's Association to possess Multicultural Guidance and you can Development, that is a department of American Counseling Relationship; and we do not hold good lobbyist. Q. Thank you so much. One finally question, Ms. Industries. If you'd, is likely to words, determine the opportunity of stuck will set you back about digital utility business which might result from the deregulation off merchandising solution. A great. My knowledge of stranded will set you back during the electric power deregulation is that those individuals will be will cost you which are not taken into account inside terms of prices, with regards to getting electronic resources to a good -- in order to customers, to help you team, to utilities.

They are points that deal with -- encompass -- they also cover the fresh age group of your own fuel, obtaining the electricity started to whoever the user is actually. Additionally, it works closely with the point that in a few regions of Sc particularly, you've got rural places that fuel must be provided will get not necessarily getting affordable. And is my realizing that stuck will set you back results in question for the majority tools that have, in past times, had regions while having managed to deal with the latest -- that have to be able to bring something else entirely that is effective and something more that is not profitable being capable of making they from the minimum become a wash. MS. MUSSER: Okay. Thanks. Mr. Chairman, I have no further inquiries. Representative WILKES: Create some of the Committee members need to query Ms.

Industries a concern? SENATOR COURTNEY: Mr. Chairman, strictly for the your own notice. Ms. Industries, We graduated out of Gaffney Highschool. Are you aware Mr. Gardin here? MS. FIELDS: I am his merely daughter, and i did not see your finished out of Gaffney Higher. I thought We understood all of the legislators who sometimes spent some time working or graduated following that. SENATOR COURTNEY: Thank you so much, Ms. Sphere. Test Because of the Affiliate WILKES: Q. Ms. Fields, on problem of electric deregulation, if opted for into Public service Payment, could you method that challenge with impartiality and objectivity? An effective. I feel that we you are going to once the I believe that there surely is a great amount of information that i do not have, do not have, maybe, brand new supply one works with deregulation out-of electricity; and therefore, naturally, basically was to help you a workshop one to looked after deregulation out-of gasoline, I am concerned with you to; and i believe I do not have the ability to of guidance.

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